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Off Road Intro Coaching – Sat March 30th


Off Road Intro – Base skills 


Saturday March 30

Limited to 6 riders

Improve your skills with this base level introduction.  The day is all about going back to basics and getting things right, breaking tarmac/road habits or introducing new habits, and expanding your arsenal of skills.  Balance, throttle and clutch control, body positioning and turning.

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9am – 3:00pm, Westdale

Lets get back to basics! A base level session covering the fundamental turning and clutch skills.  This session is focused on managing a bike particularly at low speeds and sets up your base skills for any off road riding.  This is open to Enduro or Adventure riders.  And is big bike friendly, but a smaller bike will make your day a little easier.

Focus is on control of the bike and the session will be ridden at very low speed doing exercises that will develop each skill.   This coaching will improve all of your riding overall, give you the tools to be a smoother, safer, more controlled rider.

We will cover and develop your;

  • Balance
  • Clutch control
  • Turning and Control
  • Use of body position
  • Low speed riding
  • Standing and sitting


Riders only need to have a very basic standard of riding, and we can adjust the exercises to suit each rider in the group.

Riders must be fit enough and comfortable enough to drop the bike up a few times through out the day.  We will be there helping you everytime to pick it up, but you need to be fit enough to be able to step off the bike.

The day will be held at a Private Location in West Dale (Near Beverly), and the location is given upon booking.


Neil Price is the Coach for the day.  Arguably the most passionate trials rider in Australia, currently Australian #3.  He has been twice Australian No1, and 12 times WA State Champion.  He has experience at World, European, Italian and Spanish Championships as a rider and minder/mechanic.  Neil is a very technically minded person who loves the application of physics and has spend a lot of time analysing the how and why to incredible detail.  He is a natural talker (rarely shuts up) and articulates ideas really well.   Now he has developed these coaching and training programs to explain to you, prove to you and then teach you to apply the principles and techniques.

For More info message via our contact form or via Mind on Matter on Facebook