3 Day Bali Enduro Tour

Ride the Batu Volcano, epic climbs on the volcanic sands…

Only a few weeks till we fly out to Bali for the 3 day Tour with Bali Dirt Bikes. This enduro / trail ride is such an epic trip and just 3 days long, so you can fit these into the average working life.

The group will be picked up from the airport and delivered out to the first night accomodation, a bit of dinner and a good sleep. Then its 3 days of spectacular enduro trails taking in Volcanos, forrests, beaches and jungle trails, crossing rivers, endless hill climbs, meandering villages and paddy fields… and a few cold beers at the end of each day 🙂

The Balidirtbikes.com crew are just unreal and cover everything we need so it literally is a case of plug and play…. (or maybe rock up and ride is better??). The KTM 6 day enduro bikes will all be ready to roll each morning as the crew cleans and maintains the bikes over night. The crew follows and helps you out of any jams, fixes anything you break and if your trusty orange stead, is left out of action…. they get you back riding in minutes.

What I personally love about these tours is we can adjust to suit all the riders. You don’t get dragged into riding fast or held up waiting too long. We break up into groups as need be and we take different trails that all lead us back together. This also mean that as a coach I can get around to have a ride with everyone and offer any support i can as we go. I enjoy this as its coaching in a relevant way, and riders can see the immediate effect…. then they can tell me to shut up! 🙂

There are not many rides out there that can fit easily into our busy schedules, whilst catering for all levels, provide coaching, and have full back up from mechanics and catering hotels etc. We only have December up at moment, but if you get in touch at info@motod.com.au we can let you know what i son the horizon!

Certainly is a epic trip worth doing…. I cant wait for December! Come have a ride with me, you wont regret it!